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Manchester City's Epic 2nd Half rally clinches 2022 Premier League Championship

Updated: May 25, 2022

Fans of the Premier League, Sunday's game did not disappoint. As the 2021-2022 season comes to a close a champion was to be. Manchester City was ahead of Liverpool by 1 point heading into today, and with the struggles of Man City as of late anything could have happened.

Man City struggled to get anything going in the 1st half of the matchup between Aston Villa, and with a Mathew Cash header in the 37th minute, things were not looking good for the Blue's as Liverpool was already tied 1-1 against Wolverhampton.

The 2nd half is where everything changed and will most definitely go into the history books as one of most dramatic finishes to a season in recent memory. With a Philippe Coutinho goal in the 69th minute and Man City now down 2-0, they could feel a title slipping away from them. How great of a story would it of been if the ex-Liverpool player on a team managed by a Liverpool legend in Steven Gerrard, ended up helping out Liverpool claim the title?

(Photo Credit: @RubenDias on Twitter)

With Manchester City in desperate need of some offense with their championship aspirations on the line, they respond back with an onslaught of goals. With two goals from Ilkay Gündogan and one goal from Rodri, the Blues's score 3 goals in 5 minutes and 36 seconds to take the 3-2 lead with 12 minutes left to play, and with Liverpool still tied 1-1 with Wolverhampton at the time, the title was back in reach. Manchester City was clearly playing below average football, and in just a 5 minute span they turned it around and played a tremendous form of football that can only to be achieved by championship level teams. Liverpool ended up winning 3-1 against the Wolverhampton Wanderers, but it was too little to late, as Man City held their 3-2 lead to win their 6th Premier League title in 11 years and their 4th in the last 5 years.

A result we all thought would enviably happen back in December, but with Manchester City's struggles in the Premier League as well as the champions League the last couple of months, it has made the title chase as close as it became as Manchester City held the lead for 167 days of the season.

Fortunately for Liverpool, they still get to play in the Champions League Final against Real Madrid next Saturday. This is a game Manchester City has failed to win under the management of Pep Guardiola, and after their most recent Champions League semi-final debacle in which they give up 3 goals after the 90th minute and lose 3-1, they hope to never experience that feeling again. With their recent signing of the young 21 year-old Norwegian super star striker Erling Haaland, they hope that he can carry the team over the mountain that is the Champions League Final.

What an intense, dramatic, and thrilling ending to a fun 2021-2022 season and with all the player movement of the Haaland signing and Kylian Mbappe staying at Paris Saint-Germain, who knows what could be in store for in the upcoming season.

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Daniel Eder
Daniel Eder
May 23, 2022

Nice article. Well done!

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