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Latest Rivalry Showdown Comes to Vegas

Coming into Week 12, the Kansas City Chiefs and Las Vegas Raiders both are looking to turn around their fortunes after disappointing losses last week. Both teams have had solid defensive performances, but their offenses continue to struggle.

The Chiefs lost out to the Philidelphia Eagles in spectacular fashion, with drops from their receivers being the Achilles heel the team couldn’t overcome. Despite their loss, the Chiefs' defense performed above expectations, which has been their story on that side of the ball this season. They dominated much of the game at all levels, sacking Eagles quarterback Jalen Hurts five times and recording an interception. They held Hurts under 150 yards and will look to put the hurt on the Raiders quarterback this week as well.

Aiden O’Connell is a rookie quarterback talent for the Raiders, and that was on display as he threw three interceptions last week against the Miami Dolphins. The Raiders' defense also produced three turnovers, tying the turnover battle, although it wasn’t enough to win the game. Their rushing offense struggled mightily, with them only putting up 36 rushing yards throughout the game.

The Raiders currently sit at 5-6, heading towards another season out of the playoffs as quarterback Jimmy Garoppolo is again injured. Josh McDaniels continued his streak of being unable to handle business as a head coach, being fired by the Raiders on Halloween, as the organization felt the team’s performances under him were frightful.

The Chiefs find themselves 7-3 after their loss to the Eagles. They are one win behind the Baltimore Ravens, and with the hunt for a playoff bye coming towards the end, they will look for any chance to put more marks in the W column.

The Chiefs and Raiders have been facing off since 1960 and have one of the oldest rivalries in the NFL. Division games, especially rivalry games, have a unique competitive nature, and this game is no exception.

(Photo by Bob Riha, Jr./Getty Images)

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