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Ken Roczen Set for One-Off Motocross Appearance This Weekend at High Point

The depth in both classes of the AMA Pro Motocross field has continued to take big hits three rounds into this season, but we got some excellent news on Tuesday evening with High Point just a few days out. Ken Roczen, who is slated to partake in the World Supercross Championship starting next month is officially in for round four of the AMA Pro Motocross Championship in Mt. Morris, Pennsylvania. This, however, isn't a stunning turn of events as the former two-time 450 Class Champion posted a video asking if he should head up from Florida, or head out on the boat for the weekend.

Safe to say Roczen isn't doing the 'McGrath Lake Tahoe Special' this weekend. Now, had Roczen not committed to running High Point this weekend, he would have gone into the WSX opener with seven weeks of no race action prior, so I could think of worse ways to get back in the groove than to get some live Moto reps in. High Point has also treated Kenny well in years past which certainly can't hurt. In his last two trips there on a Suzuki (2015 and 2016), he had Moto finishes of 1-2-1-1 and two Overall victories but has generally done well at Mt. Morris outside of that.

As for what you could expect from the No. 94 Suzuki this weekend, I think Roczen could probably end up third overall when it's all said and done. Assuming Chase Sexton is back this weekend, and for what it's worth, he and Roczen were cycling together today, I don't think he has the pace to keep up with him or Jett Lawrence for two full Motos, but everyone else is fair game, I'd reckon.

As is usually the case with Roczen in Motocross, I'm interested to see what his lap times look like in those final 5-8 laps of Moto 2. Doesnt appear like this Saturday will be super hot or humid by east coast standards, but Roczen has had well-documented fading issues over the last few seasons he's been outside. Regardless, I'm just happy this 450 class is getting some short-term reinforcements, ahead of the upcoming bye week.

Main Image via FELD

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