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Is David Tepper Dan Snyder Now?

The Carolina Panthers are in the news not for their performance versus the Jacksonville Jaguars (which was the equivalent of a dumpster being on fire). It was for something that happened after the game. Panthers owner David Tepper threw a drink at opposing fans. 

This is No Bueno

 At first glance (at any glance) this does not look good. Ever since Dan Snyder sold the Washington Commanders (or whatever they are going to be next year) a new worst NFL owner had to take his place. For a few days, it was Indianapolis Colts Owner Jim Irsay with his Twitter account. On November 22nd, 2023 we got this gem.

Can Throwing Drinks on NFL fans Equal Selling and an NFL Franchise?

But, now it may be Carolina Panthers owner David Tepper. With the whole Rock Hill, South Carolina situation (he screwed the city of Rock Hill over so bad you would have thought he was an NFL referee reffing a Detroit Lions game). His company filing for bankruptcy (honestly the Carolina Panthers might as well file for bankruptcy).

At least Snyder did not throw drinks at opposing fans. He just like poo water rain on them. Watching Carolina this week you would have thought it was the 2017 Cleveland Browns the 2008 Detroit Lions, or even the 1976 Tampa Bay Buccaneers (at least those teams are halfway decent now. Unlike the Carolina Panthers this season and ever since Tepper has bought the team).   

We Need to Start the Conversation

It’s Time we as an NFL talk about how horrible David Tepper is as an NFL owner. This team has ruined Bryce Young (honestly I don’t know how he did not have an outburst during a game before. I would have probably pulled an Antonio Brown and walked off the field). For Carolina to truly be good we must get rid of the organizational cancer known as David Tepper.

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