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Indianapolis Colts 2024 NFL Draft Recap

The Indianapolis Colts came into the draft needing to add firepower for Anthony Richardson and upgrade a defense that had seen some key departures.

Round 1, Pick 15 - Laiatu Latu, Defensive End, UCLA

What a pick here for the Colts. After the first fourteen picks in the draft were offensive players, the Colts had their choice of any defensive player that they wanted. They would ultimately decide to take what many people called "the best edge in the draft" in Laiatu Latu. Latu joins the already strong Colts defensive line room, which includes Deforest Buckner, Kwity Paye, and Grover Stewart, among others. His story is not the usual one to make the league, as he began his career at Washington, where he suffered a neck injury in 2020 and was told he had to retire from football medically. He would be cleared to play and transfer to UCLA, where he broke out. 

Latu would then win the College Football Comeback Player of the Year award, tacking 12.5 tackles for loss and 10.5 sacks last season. Latu does everything you could ask for on film out of a first-round defensive end. His strong suit is rushing the passer, but his run defense is also strong. One thing that stands out is Latu's quickness, which gives mismatches in the passing game against opposing guards. Overall, this was a pick where the Colts couldn't go wrong if they took defense, and they went out and made their defensive line that much better.

Round 2, Pick 52 - Adonai Mitchell, Wide Receiver, Texas

Did somebody say STEAL? Because that's precisely what this pick was. Adonai Mitchell was graded in most people's first round, and instead, he would slide back to pick 52. A story came out about character concerns for Mitchell due to his blood sugar not being managed well, which would be the cause of him being rude and not being focused in team meetings. Colts GM Chris Ballard had some choice words about that situation and expressed that Mitchell is a great kid, and the reporter who wouldn't put their name on the report of Mitchell should come forward and say it with their chest to sum it up in the best way possible. On film, Mitchell shows his ability to be a playmaker, whether it's running or going up to win at the high point. Mitchell was a first-round quality player, and the Colts got themselves a steal, assuming the character concerns aren't valid.

Round 3, Pick 79 - Matt Goncalves, Offensive Tackle, Pittsburgh

Goncalves was the first of multiple linemen that the Colts would take to sure up an offensive line for incoming second-year Quarterback Anthony Richardson. He was a team captain in college for Pittsburgh, and he will look to bring that same leadership to the young but potentially-filled Colts offense. On film, Goncalves shows his best ability to be good in his game's pass-blocking part. While his run blocking is also strong, he needs to get quicker laterally; otherwise, quick defensive linemen tend to beat him inside. Overall, Goncalves gives the Colts even more reassurance on an offensive line that needed a tune-up.

Round 4, PIck 117 - Tanor Bortolini, Guard, Wisconsin

Bortolini is the definition of an athletic freak. Pound for pound, he was the most athletic player at the NFL Combine this year. On film, Bortolini shows that he is pretty strong in the run game but just as well-rounded in the passing game. This was an excellent pick for the Colts and someone who should be a great starter for years to come.

Round 5, Pick 142 - Anthony Gould, Wide Receiver, Oregon State

Anthony Gould was a sleeper pick here, and the Colts would grab their second receiver of the draft. A room of Pittman, Pierce, Downs, Mitchell, and Gould will give Anthony Richardson plenty of weapons. Gould is someone who shows sparks on film and in the return game. This pick adds a versatile weapon around Anthony Richardson, and they did so.

Round 5, Pick 151 - Jaylon Carlies, Linebacker, Missouri

Jaylon Carlies is coming into a defense that was hit heavily during this draft. Though he was listed as a Safety in the draft, the Colts list him as a linebacker. This means that he can be a good cover linebacker with the Safety techniques already learned. Carlies on film is a quick player but doesn't have the makeup speed that you need in case you get beat at Safety. Moving him to linebacker could make him a more successful player for the Colts, which seemed to be the plan all along.

Round 5, Pick 164 - Jaylin Simpson, Cornerback, Auburn

Simpson is a cornerback out of Auburn who is quite the playmaker. The Colts continued to go back to their defense the rest of the draft, and Simpson is known for his coverage skills, especially in zone. The one knock that seems to keep appearing on film is the frame of Simpson, which will limit his effect to be physical with bigger receivers. Simpson's frame also limits his ability to get off blocks and his tackling form. Overall, Simpson might have the smaller frame, but his playmaking skills are what the Colts are going for in this pick.

Round 6, Pick 201 - Micah Abraham, Cornerback, Marshall

Abraham, a speedy cornerback out of Marshall, is the one the Colts would select in the 6th round. NFL is in his blood, as his dad, Donnie, was a nine-year NFL Vet for the Buccaneers and Jets. On film, the speed of his 4.43 40-yard dash shows up, but his change of direction is minimal. His natural spot is nickel, but the Colts have Kenny Moore there so that Abraham will fit in as a solid backup.

Round 7, Pick 234 - Jonah Laulu, Defensive Tackle, Oklahoma

Laulu has the potential to help along the defensive line. As an All-Conference Big 12 Player, he totaled over 100 tackles, and the Colts drafted some more depth on the defensive line with this pick.

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