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Gaffney's 2023 NFL Mock Draft 3.0

Well, we've finally made it. It's officially one of the better days on the sports calendar in the form of the first night of the NFL Draft. Despite some last-minute rumors and betting market odd shifting, the expectation is that Alabama quarterback Bryce Young will be the first name off the board on Thursday, but beyond that things could get interesting real quick. The Texans are heavily rumored to not go quarterback at No. 2 and instead go with an edge rusher. Then there are the Cardinals, who simply do not want anything to do with picking in the top three, but can't find a trade partner to move down for the time being.

This isn't even getting into any possible active player movement that can/will probably happen. The aforementioned Cardinals are likely days away from dealing DeAndre Hopkins, and the Broncos could hypothetically deal one of their three top wideouts as well. What about defenders Devin White and Budda Baker? What could they fetch in a trade given that both are due for new deals in the near future? And better yet, are any of those guys more likely to move on day one or two? All very good questions, but with just about a day to go before things kick off in Kansas City, here's how I think round one could shake out.

Mock Draft Guidelines:

- One round instead of three for the final mock.

- Picks are a mix of what I would do and what I believe the team would do.

- Self-imposed maximum of Nine Trades (Seven trades executed here).

- No trades for active players.

- Prospect meetings with teams are a notable factor in selections, but not an outright necessity.

- All trade values are loosely dictated by Rich Hill Trade Value Chart and/or prior trades. (Future picks are worth round slot + 32 per chart explanation).

- All trade values will be displayed in ().

Pick 1) Carolina Panthers (via Chicago Bears) – Bryce Young, QB (Alabama)

Young is still the favorite to be the first pick in this draft, but it's worth noting that Will Levis' odds have absolutely skyrocketed since Monday, and also became the favorite to go No. 2 overall for a time on Tuesday. There are approximately zero scenarios where I'd take the latter at No. 1 overall that being said. Young is a flat-out better prospect and has a higher floor and ceiling coming into the league. Hopefully, the Panthers don't overthink this for their sake.

Pick 2) Houston Texans - Will Anderson, EDGE (Alabama)

While I wouldn't call Houston going with Tyree Wilson a bad pick by any stretch at this point, passing up Anderson is tough if they don't plan on going quarterback at No. 2. I also saw Peter Schrager on the Pat McAfee Show mention something along the lines of DeMeco Ryans' formula for defensive linemen/EDGE guys is to get guys with size and length, which would lead credence to the idea of the Texas Tech product going here. To that, I'll say this. Nick Bosa effectively came into the league at just about the same size Anderson is now across the board. Although Ryans wasn't the 49ers' DC when they made that pick, He was a sack-per-game player over the last two seasons where Ryans controlled their defense. Wilson would be a fine pick with the potential to be a stud down the road, but Anderson could be an all-time great pick from the jump.

Pick 3) Arizona Cardinals - Devon Witherspoon, CB (Illinois)

Even after screaming from the mountaintops to the entire league that they want to trade out of a top-three pick, no one has bitten on the Cardinals' offer yet. Assuming that remains the case, they can go in several directions here with some significant holes on both sides of the ball, and with DeAndre Hopkins likely on the way out this week. With the Budda Baker trade request fresh on top of the loss of Byron Murphy, getting a shutdown corner isn't a bad option, and there's not a better option here than Witherspoon. Only 5'11 but plays much bigger, and he was as shutdown as shutdown gets in 2022. He'd be the best corner on the Arizona roster the second they hand in the draft card.

Pick 4) Indianapolis Colts - Will Levis, QB (Kentucky)

Death, Taxes, Chris Ballard taking traits guys. I've recently made Levis my QB5 behind Hendon Hooker, but the momentum leading to him becoming a Colt feels very real. Not what I'd do here whatsoever, and if this doesn't pan out, Jim Irsay could be looking to clean house in the Indy front office relatively soon. I just have a hard time believing his issues are going to magically disappear as soon as he makes it to the NFL. Levis feels like Josh Allen before he came into the league to me with his accuracy/ball placement/touch and Allen is really the only guy ever to completely turn things around there, and even then it took him multiple years to shore everything up. There's not much precedent outside of that to say Levis can do the same.


Texans Receive: Picks 5 and 52 (577)

Seahawks Receive: Picks 12, 33, 104, and a 2024 first-round pick (via Cleveland Browns) (695)

Pick 5) Houston Texans (via Seattle Seahawks via Denver Broncos) - Anthony Richardson, QB (Florida)

The first trade here is a whopper, with the Texans unloading the final two picks they got for sending off the Nasty Man to get their signal caller of the future in Richardson. For Seattle, they show full commitment to Geno Smith with this move, with C.J. Stroud not fully guaranteed to fall to 12th overall. That Browns' first-rounder could also come in handy next year in what should be another stout QB class should they choose to go in that direction.

Recently as well, I moved up Richardson as my No. 2 QB in this class over the aforementioned Stroud. Nothing super wrong on Stroud's end really, I just really like Richardson every time I watch him. I also agree with Underdog's Josh Norris' recent take that he's more inexperienced than raw (great breakdown video if you have the time). And even then his pocket presence and ability to be unfazed by pressure is off the charts. The great thing again about him going to Houston is that there won't be an immediate need or rush to get him out there to start. He definitely could, but Richardson going the Patrick Mahomes/Trey Lance route could pay big dividends down the line. He's also only about a month away from turning 22 years old as well. Still has some area's to improve, but there is some ungodly upside with Richardson. Is there risk here? Absolutely, but I believe the phrase is "Scared money don't make money."

Pick 6) Detroit Lions (via Los Angeles Rams) - Tyree Wilson, EDGE (Texas Tech)

Last year the Lions lost out on the chance to take Travon Walker but got lifelong Michigan native Aidan Hutchinson who was a force of nature at times, putting up 9.5 sacks, three picks, and 52 tackles as a rookie. This go around, they get a guy in Wilson who profiles out similarly to Walker both athletically and as a player. Lions could use the help upfront as well seeing as Hutchinson and James Houston combined for 44 percent of the Lions' sack production last year, which in total was under league average at 39 for the entire team. Probably won't have the production Hutch did as a rookie, but Wilson is an amazing specimen and should still make an impact in year one, especially vs. the run.

Pick 7) Las Vegas Raiders - C.J. Stroud, QB (Ohio State)

Hard to guess how the Jimmy G Experience will go out in the Sin City, but there's an out in his contract after this year where the Raiders could save 13 million dollars by cutting him, or upwards of 20 million dollars by trading him. Just over two weeks ago now, the Raiders flew in Stroud for a top-30 visit, and as someone who has had the (dis)pleasure of being a fan of a team with a Josh McDaniels-led offense, I think Stroud is a pretty good fit all things considered. Needs to be better under pressure, but he's as good with ball placement/accuracy as anyone in this class, and while he isn't a run-first QB, when he has to tuck it and go, he's capable of gaining quality yardage. Also, I'm not horribly concerned about his reported low S2 scores, didn't think he was that bad of a processor on tape.


Eagles Receive: Pick 8 (406)

Falcons Receive: Picks 10 and 94 (410)

Pick 8) Philadelphia Eagles (via Atlanta Falcons) - Jalen Carter, IDL (Georgia)

I like the cut of Howie Roseman's chip and I think he would take a gamble on Jalen Carter even with all of the recent baggage he brings with him. Get him in a locker room that has guys like Fletcher Cox, Darius Slay, and a pair of his former Georgia teammates Nakobe Dean and Jordan Davis, and think that'll be good for him from a personal standpoint. Carter has all the talent in the world, I think at this point it comes down to where he lands and if his new home has the proper culture in place to help him maximize that talent. Also, a five-man front of Josh Sweat and Brandon Graham out on the edge, then Cox, Davis, and Carter on the inside sounds simply mortifying. Good business here for the Falcons as well getting another top-100 pick to drop only two spots.


Commanders Receive: Pick 8 (406)

Bears Receive: Picks 16, 118, and a 2024 second-round pick (410)

Pick 9) Washington Commanders (via Chicago Bears via Carolina Panthers) - Paris Johnson Jr, OT (Ohio State)

With Carter taken from them, the Bears opt to trade down several spots, once again. They could hypothetically stay here and select Johnson as well, but my best guess is they stick with Braxton Jones at left tackle in 2023, and Johnson wouldn't be best utilized on the right side. A team that could use his services on the left side of the line is the Commanders. Charles Leno at 31 years old may not be a viable option for much longer, and the Ohio State product would be an instant upgrade regardless. His RAS score is incomplete which complicates things a little bit, but he has far more than ideal size, length, and strength for a tackle. Plays with an insane amount of natural leverage with his 85-inch wingspan.

Pick 10) Atlanta Falcons (via Philadelphia Eagles via New Orleans Saints) - Bijan Robinson, RB (Texas)

Tyler Allgeier was good as a rookie running back averaging 4.9 a carry and 1035 yards, but Robinson would be an instant upgrade on day one for the Falcons here. This is an all-around superstar that averaged 5.95 a carry in his final 453 carries at Texas and put up 2707 yards and 29 touchdowns on the ground in that span as well. Robinson is also a formidable pass-catching threat out of the backfield as well, but given what Atlanta has currently, he may not be asked to do that frequently in year one. In any event, the thought of a full house/wishbone set with Robinson, Jonnu Smith, and Cordarelle Patterson in the backfield is downright nightmare fuel, I kinda want to see it.


Lions Receive: Pick 11 (358)

Titans Receive: Picks 18, 81, and a 2024 second-round pick (398)

Pick 11) Detroit Lions (via Tennessee Titans) - Christian Gonzalez, CB (Oregon)

The Lions' front office should be doing cartwheels if Gonzalez falls out of the top 10 and then get on the phone to trade up mid-cartwheel. Gonzalez has great size and length that I'd like to think makes him a natural fit for the Lions. But he also moves very fluidly and is great with his hands. Before 2022, he didn't have much ball production, but Gonzalez did end his college career with a three-interception campaign at Oregon. Going from what the Lions had last year to Gonzalez, Emmanuel Mosely, Cam Sutton, Kerby Joseph, and C.J. Gardner-Johnson would be a preposterous upgrade.

Pick 12) Seattle Seahawks (via Houston Texans via Cleveland Browns) - Calijah Kancey, IDL/EDGE (Pitt)

Right now the Seahawks have just four pure IDLs on their roster, and I'd imagine they take at least two this week and probably add a couple more once the UDFA window opens. Kancey doesn't fit the mold for what Pete Carrol has had in the past in the defensive trenches, but aside from the fact he's undersized, he tested off the charts otherwise, and put up some monster numbers in his final two seasons in the ACC. In 2022 alone, his 14.5 tackles for loss and seven sacks were the best in the nation among IDLs. Would probably want Kancey to put on some extra pounds, but would Pete Carrol possibly put him out wide on the edge as opposed to in the trenches? As a side note, I understand the natural comps to Aaron Donald, but that's an impossibly high standard to hold Kancey to before he ever takes an NFL snap. For my money, Donald is one of the three best football players I've ever seen.

Pick 13) Green Bay Packers (via New York Jets) - Jaxon Smith-Njigba, WR (Ohio State)

Your multi-year nightmare is finally over Packers fans, Aaron Rodgers can't hurt you anymore, and I actually think Jordan Love could be in for a good year. Loved what I saw out of him when he came into that Philly game on Sunday Night Football. Anyways, this is a move that I would do as opposed to what I think Brian Gutekunst would do. One, because I would like to see one more pass catcher around Romeo Doubs and Christian Watson, and two, the irony of the pick gained via dealing Aaron Rodgers on a receiver would categorically be hysterical. Helps that JSN is a really good wideout as well.

I had soured on the Ohio State product for some time before the combine, but I'm back in on him as my No. 2 receiver in this class, although I feel that he's the best fit for Green Bay of the wideouts on the board. So in this case, literally all of them. Smith-Njigba is an elite-level route runner, which paired with some real YAC ability, could be an immediate top option on a handful of teams, and out of the slot at that. Stick him there with Doubs and Watson on the outside and the Packers could be cooking with gas.


Steelers Receive: Picks 14 and 117 (350)

Patriots Receive: Picks 17 and 49 (414)

Pick 14) Pittsburgh Steelers (via New England Patriots) - Darnell Wright, OT (Tennessee)

I think there's a whole plethora of teams who could trade up in this scenario. With guys like Nolan Smith, Darnell Wright, Christian Gonzalez, and more set to possibly slip out of the top 15, the phone lines could get clogged up in Foxborough real quick. I think the Steelers have the most to lose here, mainly because they have two teams directly in front of them in the form of the Jets and Titans who could both go offensive line, tackle specifically, and the Steelers need to find themselves a franchise left tackle badly. Thanks to the Omar Khan Masterclass of getting the 32nd pick for Chase Claypool, they can afford to be aggressive here.

I've said this for months now, but Wright had the single most impressive outing of any prospect I've seen in this class, putting both Will Anderson and Dallas Turner of Alabama in the Steiner Recliner for 60 minutes. Pure domination in every sense of the word. Wright's a better pass blocker than a run blocker at this point, but I'd trust the Steelers to bring him along there. One of my favorite guys in this entire draft for sure, Pittsburgh would be getting a good one.

Pick 15) New York Jets (via Green Bay Packers) - Peter Skoronski, OT/IOL (Northwestern)

Before we get into this pick, I've seen the take that the Jets overpaid in their deal for Rodgers, and I categorically disagree. The fact they still have a first-rounder in this draft is a massive win for them. That conditional pick next year should most likely become a first but if this goes well I don't think many Jets fans will care, although I'm cautiously skeptical about that for the time being. One reason is the health of their offensive line, which was less than ideal a year ago, with Mehki Becton missing the entire season, and Max Mitchell, George Fant, and Alijah Vera-Tucker all failing to play at least nine games. Skoronski joining gang green would go a long way to fixing things.

Although I'm out on the idea of Skoronski staying at left tackle in the NFL, that wouldn't be necessary for him should he end up in New York, barring another Becton injury anyway. His size would probably say he should kick inside to guard (height, arm length, and wingspan all rank under the 10th percentile among tackle prospects), I think he could make it work as a right tackle if the Jets absolutely need him to. His length could get him into trouble with NFL-caliber pass rushers, but mechanically Skoronski is more than solid.

Pick 16) Chicago Bears (via Tennessee Titans via Washington Commanders) - Nolan Smith, EDGE (Georgia)

Missing out on Jalen Carter could sting for the Bears, but he isn't the only defensive game-wrecker Georgia is sending into the league. Smith is exactly the kind of high-motor, high-character, high-upside guy Chicago needs on the edge. Smith isn't exactly the biggest or lengthiest edge rusher you've ever seen, but he's a downright freakish athlete, and it shows up in his play on the field. The sack production numbers weren't really there for Smith, but if not for a season-ending injury this season, he would have hit a personal best in that department. If not for that injury, we're talking about Smith as a consensus top-10 guy, this would be an absolute steal for the Bears.

Pick 17) New England Patriots (via Pittsburgh Steelers) - Zay Flowers, WR (Boston College)

Regardless of if they pick at 14, 17, etc, I could have seen the Patriots potentially interested in bringing in Smith if he didn't just get taken by Chicago. However, I think they do have Flowers pinned as their top option at this point. They've met with him several times to this point and had him meet with offensive coordinator Bill O'Brien during his top 30 visit some time ago. Flowers' ability to threaten every level of a defense and simply make plays should make him the Patriots' top wideout in a relatively short amount of time.


Ravens Receive: Pick 18 and a 2024 third-round pick (310)

Titans Receive: Picks 22, 124, 157, and a 2024 second-round pick (335)

Pick 18) Baltimore Ravens (via Tennessee Titans via Detroit Lions) - Joey Porter Jr, CB (Penn State)

Much like Detroit, Baltimore's secondary was a mess a season ago and they should be aggressive in trying to add some blue-chip pieces. While I think Porter Jr needs to shore up his grabbiness and be a bit better at handling inside moves from receivers, his physical profile is downright insane. Even with some wrinkles, I think you take the absolute freak second-generation NFL player and you work from there. Should instantly be starting opposite of Marlon Humphrey.

Pick 19) Tampa Bay Buccaneers - Myles Murphy, EDGE (Clemson)

Seeing that the Bucs aren't probably going to be truly competing for a while, they should attempt to get the best guy available in these opening few rounds just to get some talent on the roster. The good thing about Murphy is that he fills a gigantic need out on the edge, with Shaq Barrett set to miss some time this year from his Achilles injury. On top of that, no Tampa player hit over seven sacks on the season, despite the team ending up tied for seventh for the most in the league in 2022 at 45.

The one thing to note about Murphy is that his 8.5-inch hands rank in the 0th percentile among EDGE prospects, that is not a typo, 0th percentile. Now that doesn't hinder him when you watch him play, but that is the first time I've personally ever seen anything graded in the 0th percentile for a prospect. But with that said, Murphy enters the league with a deep toolbox of pass-rush moves, and has the motor, bend off the edge, and athleticism to get teams excited. Could see him starting as a situational pass rusher and managing a solid rookie year. Think he needs to improve just a tad against the run as well.

Pick 20) Seattle Seahawks - Keion White, EDGE/IDL (Georgia Tech)

I almost had Seattle load up big time on offense by getting Jordan Addison, but something tells me they double-dip in the trenches on defense. White just feels like someone that would intrigue Pete Carrol and co. with his athletic profile, even if he's a bit raw. He also started his college career at Old Dominion, and at tight end at that. So to see him put up good production as an EDGE in year three is pretty good. White also has some lineup versatility to him as well, so you could make him an interior or exterior pass rusher, but he's probably best out on the edge vs. the run.

Pick 21) Los Angeles Chargers - Dalton Kincaid, TE (Utah)

Liked the fit with Kincaid and the Chargers last go around and we're gonna stick with that here. Not a traditional in-line guy, but he gives me shades of Mike Gesicki if Gesicki could create after the catch, just in how he's used. Roll him out in the slot with Mike Williams and Keenan Allen out wide and you might have something special out in Tinseltown.

Pick 22) Tennessee Titans (via Baltimore Ravens) - Jordan Addison, WR (USC)

Could see Tennessee going with Dawand Jones in this range, but we all saw it in that Week 17 game in Jacksonville; what the Titans have at wide receiver right now is unacceptable. I like Treylon Burks, but he's one guy, you need to have some other reliable guys out there to move the sticks, and I think Addison at 22 is more than fine. Missing time with injury at USC, on top of some unspectacular testing results hurt his stock a tad, but he won the Biletnikoff in 2021 for a reason. Alarmingly small hands and is not much of a pure athlete, but he does all the little things very well and that adds up and shows up when you watch him. Additionally, how do 25 touchdowns over the last two years sound?

Pick 23) Minnesota Vikings - Emmanuel Forbes, CB (Mississippi State)

Forbes is a guy who I've liked more and more every time I watch him. Reminds me of Jack Jones from a year ago from the standpoint that he just has a nose for creating turnovers. Oddly enough, they both entered the league in the 1st percentile or lower in terms of weight. Forbes weighed in at just 166 pounds at the draft. Outside of that, his athletic profile is tremendous. Just a hair under 6'1, has super long arms, and mid-4.3 speed.

Circling back to his knack for the ball, Forbes averaged just shy of five interceptions per season in three seasons at Mississippi State and also racked up 22 total pass breakups. That should translate to the NFL given his profile I'd imagine. Needs to bulk up, but count Forbes in as being a "Me Guy". Also recently came across a handful of Forbes' snaps when he drew Jameson Williams in coverage back in 2021. For Vikings fans, I'm happy to report he more than held his own. Williams had a long TD in that game, but Forbes drew John Metchie on that one.

Pick 24) Jacksonville Jaguars - Broderick Jones, OT (Georgia)

UPDATED PICK: Originally Brian Branch, SAF/CB (Alabama)

WELP, wouldn't exactly call the late-night Cam Robinson news ideal. Nor is the fact that we don't know how long his PED suspension as of the early AM hours of Thursday makes things murky. I definitely could see Jacksonville trying to get out Robinson's contract early now depending on how long this ban is, and in turn, get a new body at tackle to pair with Walker Little. Luckily for Trent Balke, Brody Jones is still available after slipping outside of the top 20. He's an absolute run-game bully and has some good upside as a pass protector. I was a huge fan of watching him in this pre-draft process.

Pick 25) New York Giants - John Michael-Schmitz, IOL (Minnesota)

Another repeat pick from Mock 2.0. I could possibly see receiver here, but I don't think I like Quinten Johnston enough and don't think Josh Downs makes a ton of sense given what the Giants already have. JMS isn't exactly the sexiest pick, but he's really good and fits a need upfront for Big Blue. Assuming they get another interior guy and a wideout later on, this Giants' offense could do some real damage in 2023.

Pick 26) Dallas Cowboys - Michael Mayer, TE (Notre Dame)

Bringing back the classics like an 80s cover band baby. I don't think Mayer slips past the Cowboys if he's still available at 26, but I also wouldn't trade up for him either. Not super athletic for a tight end, but he should be able to cancel out the loss of Dalton Schultz with no problem. Mayer, Lamb, and Cooks are what I'd call an ideal situation for Dak Prescott, just gotta hope good ole' Jerry isn't gung-ho on getting a running back, which I am convinced he is until the card gets handed to Goodell.

Pick 27) Buffalo Bills - Josh Downs, WR (North Carolina)

If the Bills truly feel like they need a real No. 2 wide receiver, Josh Downs is the man for that role. Probably my favorite analyst out there right now Taylor Kyles likened the UNC product to a "suped-up Danny Amendola", which as a Patriots fan is no insult. And as crazy as this sounds, at just 5'9 and 171 lbs, Downs has the best contested-catch rate of any receiver prospect in the 2023 draft. He was good for a completion on just about three out of every four contested balls which is insane given his profile. Downs' ability to create after the catch should be another enticing attribute for the Bills as well. Think he'd be a perfect compliment to Stefon Diggs all things considered, even if this may be a slight reach.

Pick 28) Cincinnati Bengals - Deonte Banks, CB (Maryland)

No more Eli Apple in Cincinnati, but I think corner is a likely area where the Bengals could go along with running back and tight end. Banks would be another 6'0 corner for them, who tested off the charts in the speed and explosiveness department. Better than that, he plays very physically and isn't afraid to get his nose dirty against the run.

Just like Porter Jr though, Banks can be a bit too grabby for his own good. I love the overall aggressiveness and tenacity, but that could get him in the doghouse real quick. Also don't think he is the most fluid change-of-direction guy either. Some positives to close things out with Banks now are his football IQ (seemed to be the shot caller in the Maryland secondary in terms of making sure everyone was set and good to go), and outside of the grabbiness, he's a great press corner and can win on 50/50 balls.

Pick 29) New Orleans Saints (via Denver Broncos via Miami Dolphins via San Fransisco 49ers) - Luke Van Ness, EDGE (Iowa)

Although I am not the biggest Van Ness guy out there, I don't think bringing him in at 30th overall is bad business whatsoever. Cam Jordan isn't going to play forever for New Orleans, and you can never have too much juice on the pass rush. With that said my biggest issue with Van Ness is that he lacks a deep toolbox of pass rush moves. Although he is an above-average power/bull rusher, that's more or less his entire bag. Van Ness also never technically started at Iowa, but there have been rotational college guys to find success in the NFL so I wouldn't hold that against him too much. I more or less envision him as a multi-technique situational pass rusher in year one.


Packers Receive: Picks 30 and 62 (280)

Eagles Receive: Picks 42, 45, 149, and 235 (301)

Pick 30) Green Bay Packers (via Philadelphia Eagles) - Adetomiwa Adebawore, EDGE (Northwestern)

Think it would be wise for the Packers to get back into the first round to get some EDGE depth. They had just two players last year go over the five-sack plateau, Preston Smith and Rashan Gary, the latter of which is likely to miss some time to start 2023 after he tore his ACL midway through last year. Adebawore is a natural fit for Green Bay given that his RAS score ranked the best of anyone in this class. If not for the fact he's only 6'1.5 and has 33.5-inch arms, he may have had a perfect RAS score. Guys who weigh 282 pounds simply shouldn't be allowed to run a 4.49 40. I thought the laws of physics actually meant something, not anymore I guess.

Another box Adebawore checks off is versatility. He was a multi-technique guy at Northwestern on both the edge and interior in four-man fronts, and I don't think he would have much of an issue in any system really. Adebawore has an incredible get-off for his size and isn't too bad moving laterally either. Would probably like him to have more to show for in the sack department, but I think you can live with the Northwestern product as is. Assuming Gary comes back without missing a beat, there shouldn't be a massive expectation for him to come out of the box swinging.

Pick 31) Kansas City Chiefs - Jahmyr Gibbs, RB (Alabama)

I'm going to bed tonight more or less praying this doesn't happen. Of all the things the Cheifs could do on the opening night of the draft, inserting Gibbs into an Andy Reid offense is comfortably the scariest outcome. Think Alvin Kamara 2.0 with the Bama product. With all the firepower the Tide lost at the skill positions, Bryce Young to Gibbs through the air then Gibbs on the ground accounted for no less than 70 percent of their offense. I could understand Chiefs fans being skeptical about another first-round back after taking CEH a few years ago, but Gibbs is a special cat. He and Pacheco would be a very fun tandem.

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