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From Worst to 1st in the draft. Chicago Bears mock Draft

That time has fallen upon us NFL fans. The days after the Super Bowl before the time we get excited about a NCAA Tournament run...

Before the aroma of brats, beers and hot dogs partner with the warmth of the sun to take over ball parks around the United States...

And before an NBA Finals run captivates us...

That preverbal time I compare to snow melting and it getting muddy, grey and bleak. But, ALAS! The Chicago Bears offer us a "how about that" by getting the number 1 pick via a Texans win against the Colts to end the season (thank you Lovie).

This allows us all to talk at the local watering hole about what the Bears can do with that draft currency we have never seen from the Beloved before. For your sake, I will save the later rounds for someone else to speak on... now let's dive in to my PFF draft!

Ideally, Chicago has found their franchise quarterback in Justin Fields as his big play potential, work ethic and overall leadership has vaulted him into stability at the position. Teams hungry for their own franchise altering QB will be looking to the Chicago Bears and what Ryan Poles wants for the number 1 pick. In my draft, I play the role of Ryan Poles and get what PFF allows in accordance to their algorithms.

With the 1st pick in the NFL Draft, the Chicago Bears select -

Trade with the Indianapolis Colts.

The Colts receive the 2023 1st round 1st overall pick and 2023 4th round 103rd overall pick. The Chicago Bears receive the Colts 2023 1st Round 4th overall pick, 2023 3rd round 79th pick, 2024 1st round pick and 2024 3rd round pick.

With the 4th pick of the NFL Draft, the Chicago Bears select -

Will Anderson Jr. Linebacker, Alabama

The Bears go get their pass rushing edge guy with a high motor and a wide array of skills to choose from to reach the quarterback. Excellent bend around the edge combined with great speed will make things difficult for opposing offenses to keep Anderson off their QB.

With the 54th pick (Round 2) of the NFL Draft, (from the Ravens) The Chicago Bears select -

John Michael Schmitz. Center, Minnesota

A Chicago area product, Schmitz comes back to solidify the center position making Lucas Patrick a cap causality. Schmitz touted by many to be an excellent run blocker with great pad height and a quick first step buoyed by phenomenal power. His pass blocking ability shouldn't go unnoticed either while taking 767 collegiate snaps in 2022, Schmitz only gave up 2 sacks.

With the 64th pick (Round 3) of the NFL Draft, the Chicago Bears select -

Jalin Hyatt. Wide Receiver, Tennessee

I get it. First thought was... "Oh man, another Tennessee receiver." Well with explosive quickness, Hyatt is in and out of routes better than most receivers in this class. He has the potential to make the Chicago Bears receiver room better. Hyatt has great hands and top end speed to take the top off of NFL defenses.

With the 79th pick aqcuired in trade with Colts (Round 3) the Chicago Bears select -

Darius Rush. Cornerback, South Carolina

Regarded a big time riser on draft boards during the week of the Reese's Senior Bowl, Rush impressed with his tenacious approach to each play/drill. Rush is a plus defensive back in zone coverage which is what drew the Chicago Bears to him at this spot.

With the 134th pick (Round 4) of the NFL Draft, the Chicago Bears select -

Andrew Vorhees. Guard, USC

Vorhees is a menace and I mean that in the nicest way possible! This man is built like a brick shit-house! Vorhees has a big frame that is dominate at the point of attack. Will not shy away from a scrum either. Should be an immediate starter and an anchor for years to come.

The PFF Draft Simulator also graded my first 4 Rounds and here is the grade I received... Got to say, it looks a lot better than the ones I got in college!

Until next time...

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