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FanDuel Doesn’t Owe the Jacksonville Jaguars Anything

The Jacksonville Jaguars have asked sports betting site FanDuel to reimburse them for some or all of approximately $20 million that was stolen by a former employee, who lost it on the site.

Amit Patel, who was a mid-level finance manager for the Jaguars, pleaded guilty to stealing $22 million through a virtual credit card system that the Jaguars used for expenses. He transferred the money from the Jaguars' virtual credit card system to FanDuel and lost $20 million on the site. FanDuel wasn’t the only site that Patel lost money on. He also lost about $1 million on DraftKings.

A source told ESPN that discussions are going on with the Jaguars, the NFL, and FanDuel about what the source calls “a settlement.”

“The way they see it ... we got this money fair and clear. It's not our problem that we have to forfeit it back to you,” the source told ESPN.

FanDuel has said they will not pay the Jaguars the lost money. All I can say about FanDuel is that saying that they aren’t going to pay is good for them. Come on, Jaguars, why are you asking FanDuel to reimburse you? FanDuel doesn’t owe you anything. It’s not their fault that your former employee lost your money on their site. If you want your money back, Jaguars, you should try to get Patel to give it back to you.

It’s ridiculous that the Jaguars are asking FanDuel to reimburse them for something they didn’t do. Hopefully, they will smarten up and try to get the money back from Patel, the only one who should give them their money back.

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