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DiNucc the Gucc is Back in the NFL

One day after the Championship Game, the first of the 2023 XFL players have been signed to the NFL. That championship was won by the Cinderella story, Arlington Renegades (at least one pro football team in Texas can win a championship). Now, the Denver Broncos are signing former Seattle Sea Dragons quarterback Ben DiNucci to their active roster (likely backing up Russell “I can cook” Wilson).

What were Dinucci’s XFL numbers?

Ben DiNucci led the Seattle Sea Dragons to a 7-3 record and playoff berth (unfortunately, they would be bounced by the D.C Defenders in the playoffs). DiNucci played in a total of 11 XFL games (including playoffs) and led the XFL in numerous quarterback stats. He threw for 2,671 yards (which led the league) and 20 touchdowns. In addition, he completed nearly 65% of his passes (242 passes completed, 374 passes attempted). DiNucci also had several rushing stats, including 53 rushes for 305 yards (5.8 yards on average).

DiNucci’s NFL Career: First Stint

Ben DiNucci was drafted (out of James Madison) in the seventh round (231st pick overall) of the 2020 NFL Draft by the Dallas Cowboys. His first start for Dallas was on October 19th, 2020, versus the Arizona Cardinals. Then he played against the Washington Commanders (at the time known as the Washington Football Team) on October 25th, 2020.

However, his most infamous start was on Sunday Night Football versus the Philadelphia Eagles, where he threw for 180 yards but lost two fumbles; America’s team would lose 25-3. During his first go in the NFL, he threw for a whopping total of 219 yards.

A Triumphant Return: Coincidence I Think Not

Ironically the day before it was announced that the Denver Broncos were going to sign DiNucci, he appeared on That’s Good Broncos hosted by Brandon “Let's Ride into the Unknown” Perna. The fact that he appeared on a Broncos podcast (the night before) and then got signed by the team was, let’s say, “interesting timing.” In other words, I’m saying that Brandon Perna brought Ben DiNucci to Denver, Colorado.

Ben’s Second NFL Stint: The Story is Still Being Written

Who knows what’s in store for Ben DiNucci in his second NFL stint (He’s like the XFL; he keeps coming back). Nevertheless, the Broncos got at least a solid backup for Russell Wilson (after last season DiNucci might be QB1 by week 5). At most, he balls out; either way, Denver has a great player in Ben DiNucci.

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