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Cowboys Humilated in Primetime by George Kittle and the 49ers

Without breaking a sweat, the 49ers proved too much for the Cowboys to handle. San Francisco made it look too easy as they easily outperformed Dallas on both sides of the ball. Dallas regresses to 3-2 while San Francisco improves to 5-0. Both teams faced their first real challenge of the season, and one accepted and prospered while the other failed miserably. The 42-10 final score tells the story.

Dallas only had 93 total yards in the first half: seven plays and only one score. When Dallas got the ball to start the second half, it started as a promising drive, only for Dallas to kick a 50-yard field goal. Dallas trailed 21-7 at half-time. George Kittle and Christian McCaffrey were the difference makers on San Francisco's scoring drives in the first half. Kittle went on to put up a hat trick, the first of his career. Brock Purdy's unique ability helped the 49ers even more, and Dallas' defense had no answers for anything. Purdy is now 10-0 as a starter in the regular season.

The 49er defense had quite a night, picking off Dak Prescott three times, and picked Tony Pollard's pocket as well. Aside from one good scoring drive, Dallas' offense was inept and unacceptably bad. The defense started somewhat well, but things quickly went downhill for them. Mike McCarthy was severely outcoached, and the 49ers severely outplayed them on the field. It's safe to say that Dallas didn't even come close to giving San Francisco a hint of trouble.

If Arizona failed to expose Dallas as an overrated and incompetent team, San Francisco successfully did it. At this point, considering Dallas as a Super Bowl contender is out of the question and simply wrong. Dallas looked so sloppy and terrible that they don't even look fit for a playoff berth. Honestly, Mike McCarthy should be on the hot seat now, as the team is completely disorganized, unmotivated, and disoriented.

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