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Carolina Panthers Hall of Honor Induction News

On Wednesday, July 10th, The Carolina Panthers organization announced that two players will be inducted into the Carolina Panthers Hall Of Honors. Those two players are Julius Peppers and Mushin Muhammad. When will they be inducted? What game will they be inducted at? How many people are in the Carolina Panthers Hall Of Fame?

Julius Peppers and Mushin Muhammad, The Players

Here is a short recap of Peppers’ and Muhammad’s careers. Defensive end Julius Peppers’ career spanned 17 years (ten years with Carolina, four with the Chicago Bears, and three with Green Bay). Peppers is a two-time DPOY (Defensive Player Of the Year), eight-time Pro Bowler (back when the Pro Bowl was entertaining), and three-time First Team All-Pro. Age is just a number, as he made the Pro Bowl at the age of 35. He was a vital member of the Panthers during their first-ever Super Bowl appearance in the 2003 season versus the New England Patriots.

Wide Receiver Mushin Muhammad played in the league from 1996 to 2009. He spent most of his career in Carolina (11 years) and three years in Chicago. Muhammad had a total of three 1,000+ yard seasons (1999, 2000, 2004). Muhammad was also on the roster during the franchise’s first Super Bowl appearance. Muhammad was a two-time Pro Bowler (1999, 2004) and a First-Team All-Pro (2004). 2004 was the best season of Muhammad’s career, during which he amassed 93 receptions, 1,405 yards, and 16 touchdowns.

When will they be inducted?

Julius Peppers and Mushin Muhammad will be inducted on October 29th. That day the Panthers will be facing the Houston Texans. That match-up is important because, depending on how things go, it could be Bryce Young’s (the Number One overall pick of the 2023 draft) and C.J. Stroud’s (the Number Two overall pick of the 2023 draft) first match-up. A little rookie-on-rookie action could be in store on October 29th.

How Many Players Are in the Panthers Hall of Honor?

The Panthers Hall of Honor (established in 1997) currently has six people. One is a front office induction (General Manager Mike McCormack). The other five are players: Steve Smith Sr, Jake Delhomme, Jordan Gross, Sam Mills, and Wesley Walls. So when Julius Peppers and Mushin Muhammad are inducted on October 29th, that will bring the number of people in the ring to eight.

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