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C.J. Stroud Goes to...

With the second pick in the 2023 NFL Draft, the Houston Texans selected quarterback C.J. Stroud (Ohio State) and immediately turned around and traded to get back to number 3 in order to draft Will Anderson, Edge rusher out of Alabama. The Texans have made a clear statement that they are all in on both sides of the ball.

With Stroud, the Texans get a proven leader on and off the field and an elite passer that looks just as comfortable in the pocket as he does on the run. If the Texans can get the right weapons and protection lining up with CJ, the sky's the limit. Who knows, we may even see a Panthers-Texans Super Bowl in the near future, considering Carolina picked Bryce Young over Stroud. Now, their careers will be linked forever, and hopefully, it's more Burrow-Herbert and less Leaf-Manning.

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