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Another season-ending embarrassment for the Dallas Cowboys

By Alex Al-Kazzaz

Once again, the Dallas Cowboys see an end to their season in a frustrating and humiliating fashion. Being knocked out of the playoffs by the San Francisco 49ers for the second straight season is just another bad image in the team's history. Dallas is now 0-7 in the divisional round since 1997 and their Super Bowl drought is now at 27 years.

Dallas had a chance. Quite frankly, they had numerous chances to put the game in their favor. And they didn't get it done. Once again, an offense being badly inconsistent with a dead running game and a passing game that could produce very little. CeeDee Lamb had ten catches for 117 yards, but Dak Prescott's two interceptions were costly.

A total of 206 passing yards on offense, the loss of Tony Pollard, and questionable offensive play-calling once again led to a finish that really could have been avoided. Dallas could have won if they had been to effectively execute. And they didn't do it.

The Cowboys may be in for quite an off-season and not in a particularly good way. Dallas has 26th in the first round of the 2023 NFL Draft. As far as free agency goes, that's where not particularly good part kicks in as numerous starting players are set to become free agents. Aside from that, it's unknown if Dallas will shop around the free agent market in the off-season. As always, it'll be impossible to possibly predict what the team can or will do during the off-season.

Ezekiel Elliott is reportedly willing to take a pay cut to stay in Dallas. Honestly, one of the most important things for the team to do this off-season is restructure Elliott's contract along with Prescott's. Some have insisted that it's best for Dallas to part ways with Elliott which is possible. It's safe to say that Dallas may part ways with several key players.

It's quite clear that Dallas has a lot of work to do this off-season.

Photo Credit: Pro Football Focus


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