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Why are Jordan Montgomery and Jose Quintana so valuable?

Updated: Aug 19, 2022

Can we give a round of applause to John Mozeliak?

Coming out if the trade deadline I was skeptical about the moves we made (as every other cardinals fan was) we got a bullpen arm and decent LHP’s for the rotation but many fans didn’t think it was enough to get over the Brewers in the division.

We were all wrong. Since the All Star break, the Cardinals have been playing some good baseball going 13-7 highlighting that run by sweeping the Yankees at home (what a series by the way). Now, St. Louis is sitting 1.5 games up on the Brewers for 1st place in the division with a 66% chance to hold on and win it. Our offense has been firing on all cylinders and our defense has been top notch (thank you Nootbaar you are a saint). Now, how about the pickups that will help take Central. We are looking at Jose Quintana and Jordan Montgomery who have each given the Cardinals two phenomenal starts.

Jose Quintana who so far in 2 starts has thrown 12 innings allowing only 3 runs on 8 hits striking out 13 and walking 4. While it is a small sample size, big Q is pitching very meaningful innings and is keeping our boys in the game. Going 6 strong innings striking out at least 6 a game while giving up at most 2 runs (which he did at Coors so I take that start with a grain of salt) is so much better than what some pitchers have been doing (ahem Dakota Hudson). Plus if you remember correctly, this trade was made in order for Steven Matz spot to be taken care of until he potentially returns next month. Overall, I love what Quintana has brought to the table and if he keeps this up I have full trust in starting him against the powerhouse National League teams. (Side note - Chris Stratton the reliever who came over hasn’t been bad either he’s just had one bad outing against the Rockies but it was at Coors so it happens).

Jordan Montgomery trade made many Cardinals and Yankees fans scratch their heads on. In his two starts Montgomery is pitching to a 0.00 ERA in 11 innings. He has let up only 6 hits and 3 walks and struck out 9. What I find impressive about this is the teams he’s faced. Quintana went up against the Cubs and Rockies and did what he did. Monty, on the other hand, did this against the Yankees which was his former team and the Brewers who were leading the division at that time. He is what the Cardinals needed more than Quintana as this give St. Louis an at worst #3 starter in our rotation who can preform the best under pressure. The addition of him also allowed Pallante to return to his long relief role in the bullpen which he succeeded at when he last pitched against the Yankees.

Realistically looking at our team post trade deadline, this is a good team that’s only continuing to get healthy. We can take down the best teams along with the bad ones, however, without Quintana or Montgomery putting up competitive innings out the rotation, I don’t believe we’d be in the position we are in currently.

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