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A Wild West Showdown: The Desert Duel - Cowboys vs. Cardinals

By Alex Al-Kazzaz

As Dallas prepares for their road game against the Arizona Cardinals, they suffered a significant blow to their defense as CB Trevon Diggs suffered a torn ACL during practice. Diggs has officially been ruled out for the entire season. Very unfortunate for the team, but they are off to a hot start and can't allow this to affect them.

The Cardinals are looking to avoid their first 0-3 start since 2018, while the Cowboys are determined to improve to 3-0 for the first time since 2019. Since 2008, the Cowboys are 1-6 against the Cardinals, the only win taking place six years ago. Arizona has quite a reputation for giving Dallas a hard time.

Arizona's loss in Week 2 against New York speaks for itself. Frankly, there's no reason for Dallas not to win. Dallas must understand that while they're facing a 0-2 team, they can't make the mistake of underestimating, as it may prove costly. In Dallas' case, this comes from experience. Therefore, they must take Arizona very seriously and be ready for anything.

Dak Prescott and the offense must be solid. If Prescott can remain consistent in the passing game, it'll help reduce some pressure. The running game must be effective so Dallas can drive down the field and wear out the opposition. Scoring points, as in scoring touchdowns, is the top priority.

Micah Parsons and the defense need to do what they've been doing so far: sacking the quarterback and forcing turnovers. With depth in the secondary, defensive coordinator Dan Quinn should be able to find the right player to fill in Diggs' spot. The defense may steal the spotlight once again, but they will need the offense to provide them with some breathing space so they can continue to be explosive.

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