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A Franchise Quarterback... IN CHICAGO?!


A lot of things have happened since we last spoke. Your boy and his wife are expecting their first baby in May! I have finally adjusted well in my new roll in my new career; and FINALLY, it appears that my all time favorite football team, the Chicago Bears, have themselves a quarterback!

Let us take a quick trip back to my article in June, "Way Too Early Bears Predictions". In it, I talked about the rebuilt, refurbished Justin Fields and that is what we have gotten the last month.

Luke Getsy and company have had an opportunity, after the Washington Commanders game, to self-scout and evaluate the offense. In doing so, they had a sit down, or I'd like think so, with Justin Fields to ask him, "What do you do best and what plays do you like Justin?" The best part about this is, head coach, Matt Eberflus allowed his staff to do this! If you remember with the previous coaching staff, who shall remain nameless, were asked why they stopped running out of the I-formation when the Bears were seeing success. The previous head coach answered with, "I didn't come here to run the I-formation." This is coaching a system to your players and not adjusting your system FOR your players.

What has been interesting is Fields was averaging less drop backs per game, 28.8, according to PFF in his first four games while only scrambling on 6% on those drop backs, which, if my math is correct, that's a little less than 2. The Bears were trying to keep him in the pocket and force him to play a portion of his game that he has yet to develop in my opinion.

Eberflus, meanwhile, has been perfect with delegation and has given all offensive reigns to Getsy and what Getsy has done is adjust his scheme to maximize the talent of Fields! His big play ability comes from his legs and deep throws down the field when coverage has broken down. While this perhaps causes some late to the Fields party critics to question the future franchise quarterback still, this was the same blueprint used for Josh Allen in 2020. SO.... be patient Bears fans. This NFC Player of the Week Award will not be Fields' last!

Until next time.....

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