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2024 MLB Predictions: Playoffs and Awards

Three of my colleagues join me in predicting playoff seeding and who will win the major awards in MLB this year. Thanks to @Syingersolltdt, @Jgrossbucks, and @Bconrad_tdt for putting their picks out there. We all will either gloat about how great we are, or we will get lambasted for our ridiculous picks. Either way, let's get down to it with less than 24 hours before the opening pitch.

American League Predictions

While we all believe the Minnesota Twins will win the AL Central and the Baltimore Orioles will take the AL East, we disagree on the AL West. I have to agree with Jackson who is taking the Houston Astros to again win the West. Sy likes the Texas Rangers, and Brayden favors the Seattle Mariners.

Interestingly enough, none of us are taking the Tampa Bay Rays to even make the playoffs. Jackson and Sy have the New York Yankees getting a Wild Card spot, while Brayden and I have the Toronto Blue Jays getting the nod.

National League Predictions

Here is where we disagree a ton. While we all have the Los Angeles Dodgers winning the NL West, Jackson has the Philadelphia Phillies taking the NL East instead of the Atlanta Braves. The NL Central goes to the St. Louis Cardinals according to Sy and to the Cincinnati Reds by my estimation. The Chicago Cubs get the division for Jackson and Brayden. We all have the Phillies and the Arizona Diamondbacks making the postseason. However, Sy and I don't have San Diego making it. I am the only one who has the New York Mets getting in instead of the Cubs.

Awards Predictions

There are quite a few differences here so I will leave everyone's prediction below:

Sy's Picks

AL MVP - Juan Soto

NL MVP - Nolan Arenado

AL CYA - Luis Castillo

NL CYA - Zac Gallen

NL ROY - Jung Hoo Lee

AL MOY - Brandon Hyde

Jackson's Picks

AL MVP - Corey Seager

NL MVP - Mookie Betts

AL CYA - Corbin Burnes

NL CYA - Justin Steele

NL ROY - Jordan Wicks

AL MOY - Scott Servais

Brayden's Picks

NL MVP - Mookie Betts

AL CYA - Corbin Burnes

AL ROY - Jackson Holliday

AL MOY - Scott Servais

NL MOY - Craig Counsell

My Picks

AL CYA - Pablo Lopez

NL CYA - Zack Wheeler

NL ROY - Jung Hoo Lee

AL MOY - Scott Servais

NL MOY - David Bell

Hit us up on Twitter if you disagree or agree with our picks. We are always looking for some discourse about baseball. Especially if you disagree so we can shoot you down.

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Mookie Betts leads the Los Angeles Dodgers


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