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Welcome to Chicago, OT Darnell Wright

Updated: Apr 29, 2023

Well, after two trade downs by GM Ryan Poles, we now know the newest member of the Chicago Bears: former Tennessee tackle Darnell Wright.

If you were able to read my final mock draft, I had the Bears selecting Wright with the 9th overall pick. However, thanks to Poles' wheeling and dealing he was able to snatch another 4th round pick away from the Philadelphia Eagles for next year.

I am truly excited for Wright to put on a Bears uniform, with him being the final piece to this offensive line for years to come.

Now before I dive deeper into Wright as a player, I need to address the elephant in the room.

As many Bears fans hoped, Jalen Carter was available for the Bears at No. 9. With the Cardinals trading down and then up to take Paris Johnson Jr, the Seahawks taking Devon Witherspoon, Las Vegas taking Tyree Wilson.

Then came the second biggest surprise pick of the top 10, with the Falcons taking former Texas running back Bijan Robinson at No. 8.

Instead of drafting Carter, the Bears traded back and allowed Philly to take Carter at 9.

While I do believe that Carter would have worked out on the field for Chicago, it was not the best place for him to thrive, with little veteran leadership on the team as a whole, especially on the defensive side of the ball.

Carter himself was not surprised by the move.

Now that is over and done with, we can move on to Wright as a player.

Wright is an absolute dawg and pure bulldozer that Ryan Poles is looking for. The Bears GM has talked about looking for guys who finish violently and Wright fits that bill.

Wright is an excellent pass blocker, giving up zero sacks last season against the likes of Will Anderson in the SEC.

Wright does have some work to do in his run blocking, having what some to believe to be below average hand resets and finish as run blocker. However, with the relationship he has built with O-Line coach Chris Morgan I'm sure he can fix some of those issues.

Chicago, we got a good one for years to come to protect Justin Fields.


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