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The 5 Best Uniforms in College Hoops

College basketball may have the best assortment of uniforms out of any sports. Whether it be the timeless retro looks that blue bloods have been trotting out for years, or modern renovations that have completely changed the looks of schools looking for an identity, there is no shortage of great looks. Here are my personal top 5 uniforms in all of college basketball.

5) Michigan

I hate Michigan. They are truly one of my least favorite schools in the country. From their football team getting every call imaginable this past year against my Illini in a game they did not deserve to win, to Juwan Howard being just extremely hard to like, one thing that is certain is that this pick has no favoritism coming from me. But I have to be objective here, and shit, Michigan has some great uniforms. The blue and maize just go so perfectly together, and it’s a fantastic look for a program with some historic teams. From the fab 5 to the recent teams that have found so much success, these teams are always easy on the eyes to watch with a truly great set of uniforms.

4) Loyola Chicago

I am an absolute sucker for cursive fonts. No matter what, if a team wears a uniform with a cursive font, it’s a win in my book. But Loyola has a seriously special look. They have such a fantastic colorway, the maroon and gold just go amazingly together. If I’m being honest though, this pick was made because of their home whites. What a fantastic look, with the gold accents around the maroon numbers. Ever since their run to the Final Four, these uniforms have had a spot in my heart, and while their win over Illinois in 2021 hurt, these are some kick ass uniforms.

3) Villanova

These are some of the most classic uniforms in all of college hoops. They bring back memories of watching Kris Jenkins hit his game winner over North Carolina in a game that remains one of the best I have ever watched.

The light blue outlining of the letters and numbers is just an absolutely perfect touch to a navy and white color scheme that looks oh-so-good.


If you don't love the look UCLA has in all sports, what are you even doing? The perfect combination of a uniform that looks modern, bright, and exciting while also showing respect to the rich history of one of the best programs in the history of college basketball. Especially with their recent return to greatness, highlighted by a Final Four appearance in 2021, UCLA has been brought back to the spotlight and man do they look good doing it.

1) North Carolina

Honestly, if you thought there was any other school that could possibly have been number 1, I don't even know what to tell you. These are not only the best uniforms in college basketball, but also the best in all of sports. These are such a classic look, characterized by all time greats like Michael Jordan, James Worthy, Antawn Jamison, Vince Carter, and so many more. Everything about it is perfect; the Carolina Blue is so beautiful that it could make anybody want to go to school there, and the argyle stripe down the side provides a more modern look that shows the development of the program. All in all, these are simply impossible to beat.

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Chris Riley
Chris Riley
07. Feb. 2023

I've got another one for you - Indiana. Especially if you take the striped warmups into account. Timeless and perfect.

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Chris Riley
Chris Riley
07. Feb. 2023
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