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Something Foul: Seminoles Driven From Rightful Place Because a Committee "Has Reservations"

The headline tells the whole story here. The Florida State Seminoles were screwed out of the College Football Playoff because they simply won too many games.

I don't know what was expected of this football team. They fought hard to the last second. They finished the season without a loss. Along the way, they knocked off one of the SEC powers in LSU. Jordan Travis looked every bit of a Heisman candidate. Jared Verse is one of the top EDGE prospects in the country. Despite losing Travis to a season-ending injury, the team continued to win with a backup quarterback. Florida State exemplified resiliency to the highest level, and their accomplishments this season are something we all are in awe of.

But then, the committee had their chance to steal the season away from the Seminoles. The Seminoles had rightfully been there for a long, long time, thriving in their own successful way. They were rarely violent or aggressive. They were happy as they were until the committee stepped in their way. They informed the Seminoles that with their leader, Jordan Travis, inactive, it was going to be challenging for them to, in good faith, put them in the playoff. In a letter to the team, the committee informed the Seminoles that they "have reservations" about their legitimacy in the college football postseason.

But all they did was win. All they did was thrive, survive, and advance. Yet they paid a penalty for which they were undeserving, all thanks to a damn committee.

(Photo by Isaiah Vazquez/Getty Images)

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