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No Excuses for Prescott and the Cowboys Against the Panthers

Not surprisingly, Cowboys Nation took it upon themselves to celebrate the Cowboys' super overhyped win over the Giants as if the Dallas Cowboys won the freaking Super Bowl! Then again, that's COWBOYS NATION! This week, the Cowboys take on the 1-8 Carolina Panthers, so what does that mean? Simply put, there's NO excuse for Dak Prescott & Company to pick up a win this Sunday.

Dallas may be 6-3, but newsflash; All their wins are against teams sporting losing records. So, who exactly has Dallas beaten this season? NOBODY. Not to mention that they got embarrassed by a terrible Arizona Cardinals team and destroyed by a respectable 49ers team, as well. Angry yet, Cowboys Nation?

Carolina's offensive line struggles at protecting Bryce Young as the rookie has been sacked 29 times, the fifth-highest in the league. That said, the Dallas defense should have little to no problems getting to Young. Forcing turnovers is another high priority as far as game-winning mission objectives go.

Carolina's secondary allows an average of 176.4 passing yards per game, which puts them sixth-highest in the league. Carolina's defense has only seven turnovers so far, tying them with Tennessee for worst in the league. And finally, Carolina's rush defense allows an average of about 132 yards per game, which puts them seventh-worst in the league. The Dallas offense should take the initiative. In other words, the offense ought to click immediately, and under no circumstances, should they let up.

Dallas must win as they prepare to host their annual traditional Thanksgiving game. This year, the Washington Commanders visited Dallas, and the last time Washington visited Dallas on Thanksgiving, it didn't go well for Dallas. Now entering the season's most difficult phase, the Cowboys need to pick it up.

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