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José Altuve is Now a Houston Astro For Life

José Altuve inked a 5-year $125 million contract with the Houston Astros, which at its conclusion will make him the first second-baseman in MLB history to make $300 million. This deal will keep Altuve with the organization until he is 40 years old.

Altuve’s professional baseball career did not start on draft night, but rather at a tryout in his home country of Venezuela. After the initial day of the tryout, José Altuve did not receive an invite to come back. When he broke the news to his father, Carlos Altuve, he was having none of it. He told José to go back the next day, because “what’s the worst that can happen?"

José Altuve returned to the tryout the next day and earned a $15,000 contract. The rest is history. Altuve has brought several impressive accolades with him through his tenure in Houston, including eight all-star appearances, six silver sluggers, three batting titles, a golden glove, an MVP award, and two World Series rings. 

From humble beginnings of being cut from a club tryout to a likely Hall of Famer, José Altuve is a reminder of how far believing in one’s self can take you. 

Once an Astro, always an Astro: José Altuve.

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