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Green Bay Packers 2024 Team Mock Draft 1.0

The Green Bay Packers enter the 2024 NFL Draft with a clear vision: to augment their roster with a blend of immediate impact players and promising talents capable of contributing to a lasting legacy of success. This draft strategy targeted areas of need and prioritized versatility, athleticism, and football IQ across the board. Below, we delve deeper into each of the Packers' selections, exploring their collegiate accolades, potential fit within the team, and the unique attributes they bring to Green Bay.

Cooper Dejean (Pick 25) - Cornerback, Iowa

Height: 6'1"

Weight: 205lbs

Age: 21

  • Collegiate Accolades: A standout performer with a knack for game-changing plays, evidenced by his multiple interceptions returned for touchdowns and significant tackle totals in key games.

  • Unique Attributes: Dejean's superior athletic profile and football intelligence enable him to diagnose plays quickly and react decisively, making him a threat to disrupt any offense.

  • Packers’ Fit: His dual ability to excel at cornerback and safety offers the Packers flexible defensive scheming options against diverse NFL offenses.

Stats: In 2023, DeJean earned a notable PFF grade of 77.4 despite a passer rating of 37.8. Their defensive skills shone through with seven interceptions and two touchdowns over the past two seasons, showcasing their impactful playmaking ability.

Tyler Nubin (Pick 41) - Safety, Minnesota

Height: 6'2"

Weight: 210

Age: 22

  • Collegiate Accolades: Known for his leadership on and off the field, Nubin anchored his team’s secondary with standout interception and tackle numbers, demonstrating a physical and mental edge.

  • Unique Attributes: His exceptional closing speed, ability to play in the box, and deep coverage make him a versatile defensive weapon.

  • Packers’ Fit: Nubin could immediately contribute alongside Xavier McKinney while developing into a key piece of the Packers' defensive backfield.

Stats: Tyler Nubin distinguished himself with an exceptional overall coverage PFF grade of 89.2, complemented by a solid tally of 58 tackles. His remarkable skill in intercepting passes set a new standard at Minnesota, where he became the all-time leader with 13 interceptions.

Kiran Amegadjie (Pick 58) - Offensive Tackle, Florida State

Height: 6'5"

Weight: 318

  • Collegiate Accolades: Excelled in a competitive conference, showcasing elite pass protection skills and run blocking that powered his team’s offensive success.

  • Unique Attributes: Amegadjie’s combination of size, agility, and strength allows him to effectively dominate opponents and protect his quarterback.

  • Packers’ Fit: Projected to secure a starting role, his addition would fortify the Packers’ offensive line, providing both stability and versatility.

Stats: Left Tackle Kiran Amegadjie excelled in 2023, achieving an impressive overall PFF grade of 89.5. He also demonstrated exceptional pass protection by allowing just five hurries throughout the season. Remarkably, Kiran has conceded only one sack in his college career, showcasing his dominant blocking abilities.

Jeremiah Trotter Jr. (Pick 88) - Linebacker, Clemson

Height: 6'2"

Weight: 230lbs

Age: 21

  • Collegiate Accolades: A tackling machine with a keen eye for the ball, his performances in crucial games highlighted his impact on defense.

  • Unique Attributes: Trotter's instinctual play and unmatched lateral speed enable him to cover ground quickly and make plays across the entire field.

  • Packers’ Fit: Expected to inject dynamism into the Packers’ linebacker corps, his skill set aligns well with Green Bay’s defensive philosophy.

Stats: In 2023, Trotter Jr. delivered a standout performance, securing an overall PFF grade of 85.7. He significantly impacted the field with 77 tackles and added two interceptions, underlining his defensive prowess and playmaking ability. Given the 2024 draft's linebacker class isn't as robust as in previous years, there's a compelling opportunity for General Manager Brian Gutekunst to leverage the Packers' rich draft capital—boasting 11 picks, including 5 in the top 100—to potentially trade for a standout mic linebacker, enhancing the team's defensive core.

Renardo Green (Pick 91) - Cornerback, Florida State

Height: 6'0"

Weight: 190lbs

Age: 22

  • Collegiate Accolades: Demonstrated a penchant for impactful plays in the secondary, with notable interceptions and tackles that showcased his defensive prowess.

  • Unique Attributes: His quick reflexes and agility make him an excellent candidate for man-to-man coverage and a playmaker in zone schemes.

  • Packers’ Fit: Green adds depth and competition to the cornerback group, with the potential to develop into a significant contributor.

Stats: In 2023, Green impressed with an overall coverage PFF grade of 83.2, consistently maintaining a performance that never dipped below 70.6 throughout his college career, complemented by one interception. His exceptional abilities in man coverage were highlighted by an outstanding grade of 90, showcasing his elite defensive skills.

Cooper Beebe (Pick 126) - Offensive Guard, Kansas State

Height: 6'4"

Weight: 335lbs

Age: 22

  • Collegiate Accolades: A linchpin in his college's offensive line, Beebe’s performance was instrumental in achieving one of the lowest sack rates in the conference.

  • Unique Attributes: His impressive balance, footwork, and raw power make him a formidable opponent in the trenches.

  • Packers’ Fit: Beebe’s versatility and technical skills could see him earning significant playing time, enhancing the Packers' offensive line versatility.

Stats: LG Cooper Beebe has had a stellar college career, consistently achieving an impressive PFF grade, never dipping below 80.5, and reaching a peak of 83.9 in 2023. Over his three seasons at Kansas State, Beebe has been a bulwark on the line, allowing just two sacks and 20 hurries, showcasing his exceptional ability to protect the quarterback.

Luke McCaffrey (Pick 169) - Wide Receiver, Rice University

Height: 6'2"

Weight: 195lbs

Age: 23

  • Collegiate Accolades: Transitioned to wide receiver, where he utilized his exceptional athleticism to become a versatile threat, contributing significantly in both the passing and running games.

  • Unique Attributes: McCaffrey’s speed, agility, and ability to read defenses as a former quarterback give him a unique perspective and advantage as a receiver, allowing for precise route running and creative playmaking.

  • Packers’ Fit: Brings a multifaceted skill set to the Packers' receiving corps, offering potential as a dynamic playmaker who can be utilized in various offensive schemes and special teams roles.

Stats: In 2023, McCaffrey delivered an impressive performance with an overall PFF grade of 80.1, securing 71 receptions, racking up 992 yards, and scoring 13 touchdowns. His athleticism, reminiscent of his brother and All-Pro running back Christian McCaffrey, is undeniable. Luke also exhibits a remarkable affinity for the end zone, complemented by his exceptional ball-handling skills.

Frank Gore Jr. (Pick 202) - Running Back, Southern Miss

Height: 5'8"

Weight: 195lbs

Age: 22

  • Collegiate Accolades: Gore’s prolific rushing yardage and touchdown totals underscore his ability to be a workhorse back and a scoring threat from anywhere on the field.

  • Unique Attributes: His blend of size, speed, and agility makes him a tough tackle, with the vision to find gaps in the defense.

  • Packers’ Fit: Gore could immediately contribute to a running back committee, offering a power-running complement to the Packers' existing backfield.

Stats: Frank Gore Jr. showcased exceptional talent over the last two seasons, achieving stellar PFF grades of 91.9 and 88.0, respectively. Demonstrating remarkable endurance and skill, he amassed 456 carries for 2,497 yards, crossing into the end zone 19 times. Gore Jr.'s performance highlights his consistency and prowess on the field and cements his status as a formidable force in the running game.

Trente Jones (Pick 219) - Offensive Tackle, Michigan

Height: 6'4

Weight: 325lbs

Age: 23

  • Collegiate Accolades: Jones’s consistency and reliability in pass protection were hallmarks of his college career, showcasing his ability to neutralize top defensive talents.

  • Unique Attributes: His frame and reach and disciplined technique allow him to excel in both pass protection and run blocking.

  • Packers’ Fit: Offering depth and potential for development, Jones could evolve into a key rotational piece or starter for the Packers.

Stats: Over the last two seasons, Right Tackle Trente Jones has delivered solid performances with overall PFF grades of 70.4 and 78.1, respectively, across 26 games. Jones has allowed three sacks, three hits, and three hurries throughout his career, demonstrating exceptional pass protection skills and showcasing his reliability and consistency on the offensive line.

Rasheen Ali (Pick 245) - Running Back, Marshall

Height: 6'0"

Weight: 209lbs

Age: 22

  • Collegiate Accolades: Ali distinguished himself with an outstanding all-purpose yardage total and a nose for the end zone, making him one of the top-scoring threats in his conference.

  • Unique Attributes: His ability to contribute in the running and passing game makes him a versatile offensive weapon.

  • Packers’ Fit: Ali’s skill set offers the Packers an exciting option out of the backfield, capable of creating mismatches in the passing game and explosiveness in the running game.

Stats: Throughout his college career, Rasheen Ali impacted 28 games, posting commendable overall PFF grades of 82.8, 83.0, and 75.2 despite being limited to just three games in his second season. Ali's tenure was marked by impressive production, accumulating 2,789 rushing yards and 38 touchdowns and contributing significantly to the passing game with 75 receptions for 561 receiving yards. His performance underscores his dynamic playmaking ability and versatility on the field.

Ehalid Duke (Pick 255) - Defensive End, Florida

Height: 6'4"

Weight: 246

Age: 22

  • Collegiate Accolades: Duke’s impressive sack total and tackles for loss in his senior year highlighted his growth into a formidable pass-rusher and run defender.

  • Unique Attributes: His athletic frame and reach give him an edge in getting to the quarterback and disrupting passing lanes.

  • Packers’ Fit: Duke adds depth to the Packers' defensive line with the potential to develop into a key rotational pass-rusher or starter.

Stats: In 2023, Khalid Duke showcased his defensive prowess with a solid PFF grade of 74.2, complemented by an impressive tally of 6 sacks, 18 hurries, and a batted pass. Over his three-year tenure at Kansas State, Duke accumulated 11 sacks, 11 hits, and 39 hurries, evidencing his consistent pressure on opposing quarterbacks. Additionally, his contributions to the run defense were notable, earning a run defense grade of 75.1, highlighting his ability to effectively disrupt both facets of an offense.

Through this comprehensive mock draft, the Green Bay Packers have strategically positioned themselves to address immediate needs while also investing in the future. Each pick fills a gap on the roster and brings a unique set of skills that could contribute to the Packers' championship aspirations. This blend of tactical selection and player development underlines Green Bay’s blueprint for building a team capable of contending for titles in the coming years.

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