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Dallas Cowboys: Can They Create A No-Fly Zone and Divert Philadelphia Successfully?

By Alex Al-Kazzaz

This is a very important week for Dallas. A win over the Philadelphia Eagles puts them on top of the NFC East and it'll increase their current winning streak to five and their streak of wins at home will improve to 14. The Eagles are coming off a frustrating 42-19 home loss to the San Francisco 49ers. After this week, Philadelphia's schedule will be a walk in the park while Dallas has a high mountain to climb. Therefore, it's clear who's in must-win mode this week.

Interestingly enough, Dallas's last loss was against the Eagles in Philadelphia. In the closing minutes, Dallas had their chance to go for the win and they failed. This time, there's no room for error. The final stretch of the season is here and Dallas is in a crucial predicament. At this point, every game is a must-win for Dak Prescott & Company.

Dallas needs to establish a NO-FLY ZONE!

The Dallas defense can't allow themselves to fall into the same predicament as they did against Seattle. Seattle's offense made the mistake of taking their foot off the gas pedal, ultimately costing them. Philadelphia is not the sort of team that makes such a crucial mistake. Micah Parsons & Company must pressure Jalen Hurts immediately and get to him. If the Dallas defense can sack Hurts repeatedly and force turnovers, the advantage falls in their favor. If the defense sustains their ability to pressure Hurts, the advantage will stay in their favor.

Prescott and the offense know more than anyone that they better execute well this time. That means no drives falling flat, no committing turnovers, and no unnecessary risks. Given that the Eagles defense gave up nearly 150 yards on the ground against San Francisco, Dallas's running game must find a way to wear out the opposing defense, and if that works, the Dallas offense can simply take advantage and run out the clock as quickly as possible. Prescott and the passing game will need to be effective, so the offensive line needs to protect their quarterback at all costs, and Prescott needs to connect on the passing routes, which means the receiving corps needs to do their part, as well.

A well-balanced is vital to Dallas's ability to win against Philadelphia. And Dallas desperately needs this win and it's up to them whether they get the job done or not. The Cowboys are in control of their destiny. Overall, the only way Dallas wins is if they create a NO-FLY zone and divert the Eagles away from any chance of a victory. There's no excuse and failure is NOT an option.


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