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Carolina Panthers Defeat Atlanta Falcons: A Memorable Victory

The Carolina Panthers beat their arc rivals, the Atlanta Falcons, with a score of 7-9 (why did the Falcons have to make the extra point? We could have had a funny number). We helped the greater NFL with playoff seeding (I have received many congratulations and thanks for helping their teams; it’s funny). This was the first win for interim head coach Chris Tabor and the second win of Bryce Young’s NFL career. 

Bryce’s Coming Out Game 

I want to announce that Bryce Young is him (Young haters keep hating he’s cooking). This was by far Young’s best game of the season; I mean, two massive drives and a crucial 90+ yard drive to set up the game-winning field goal have got to count for something. Bryce went 18 of 24 for 167 (solid, efficient football, which Carolina desperately needed). 

There is an underrated part of Bryce’s game that people are not talking about enough. He can make great plays with his legs (whether it’s leaving time for receivers or running for the first down), which resembles prime Seattle Seahawks Russell Wilson (in addition, both are on the shorter end of quarterback height). 

Gee Blocking Equals Success?

Carolina has had a very big problem with their offensive line. They do not seem to want to block, which equals Bryce running for his life and potentially making a play or getting sacked. The one game the Offensive-line does a fantastic job, we win? Hmm, maybe we should try blocking. Shout the offensive line for keeping a good Falcons pass rush away from Bryce. 

Receivers Killed It vs Atlanta

Wait, so when Bryce has someone to throw to the play, does it work? That’s Crazy. Anyways, the receivers were able to do something they have not been able to do (besides Adam Thielen), and that is wide receivers being open for Young. They were able to do that against a good Atlanta secondary. Thielen led the team in receiving four receptions for 43 yards, while Johnaton Mingo had eight for 32 yards. 

Runners Run 

Chuba Hubbard is the RB1; I have seen enough. He had 22 carries for 87 yards. Ihmir Smith-Marsette ran for 31 yards four times (Hey, Kansas City, it seems like you are looking for wide receivers, thanks for Smith-Marsette). 

Eddy Pinerio is the Goat

This win was because of one Eddy Pinerio (fitting because Tabor was the special teams coach). Pinerio made 3-out-of-3 field goals with the longest 34 yards (and on being the 23-yard game-winner. This is the second time this season Eddy has kicked the Panthers into a win (the first time was against the Houston Texans in Week 8). I will not tolerate any Eddy Pinerio slander. Thank you. 

External Factors 

Now, dear reader, you may ask why this score was so low. That is because the East Coast (and the Charlotte area) was getting water dumped on them by a vast Nor’easter storm. That led to roads being closed and everything being flooded and wet, including Bank of America stadium. Plus, the Panthers are had 2-12 and are owned by David Tepper. Their opponent was the Atlanta Falcons (peak NFC South football).

Are The Panthers 2-12? Yes, am I going to be trash-talking? Yes. If the Falcons do not like it, they should have shown up to the game. Nevertheless, a win is a win, and I will be celebrating this week and then probably be crushed by the Green Bay Packers.


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