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Brooklyn Dodgers: An MLB Name in the NFL

In the NFL, there has been a total of 49 teams that have folded in NFL history. From 1919-1952, teams came and went like pages from a book. Most franchises last two or three years.

The city of Brooklyn once had a defunct NFL team named the Brooklyn Dodgers (Yes, the Brooklyn Dodgers). Questions about the franchise arise, How did the Brooklyn Dodgers come to be? How well did the Dodgers play? How long did the franchise exist? Our descents of any modern NFL franchise? Who owned the Brooklyn Dodgers? Why did the team fold?

How did the Brooklyn Dodgers come to be?

Two businessmen, Bill Dwyer and Jack Depler, bought the Dayton Triangle for $2,500 (who played in the first official NFL game and were an original NFL franchise). Dwyer was an NHL owner before the NFL, and Depler was a player-coach for the Orange Tornado (played their games in Orange, New Jersey).

How long did the franchise exist?

The city of Brooklyn had an NFL franchise from 1930 to 1945, but not under the same name. Brooklyn had a folded NFL franchise for the longest in NFL history.

The Brooklyn Dodgers (located in Brooklyn, New York) lasted 13 seasons from 1930 to 1943. They played their home games at Ebbets Field and then Old Yankee Stadium.

Unfortunately, the team did not have a playoff appearance in their 13 seasons as the Dodgers. But, in the 1944 NFL season, the Dodgers returned as the Brooklyn Tigers.

Who owned the Brooklyn Dodgers?

From 1930 to 1933, Bill Dwyer and Jack Depler owned the Dodgers. The year after, Chris Cagle and John Simms Kelly held the rights to the team. From that same year to 1945, the team was owned by Simms and Dan Toppings.

How well did the Dodgers play?

In the 1930 NFL season, the Dodgers went 7-4-1, led by Jack McBride, who scored eight rushing touchdowns and was also the team's kicker. In 1941, Clarence "Pug" Manders won the rushing title with 486 yards. (The minuscule rushing yards required to win the title in NFL history.) according to pro football reference.

From 1937 to 1941, the Dodgers' quarterback was Ace Parker. All this was happening under Jock Sutherland. Also, under Sutherland, the team finished second in the east division in both seasons. The best record for Brooklyn ever.

Why did the team fold?

Beginning in 1942, the team entered a steep decline. What was going on during that time? World War II. With Coach Sutherland and Ace Parker leaving for the military, the Dodgers sank to 3-8-0. Mike Getto took over coaching after Sutherland left. The year after, the team only won two games.

Time for a Name Change

In 1944 the Brooklyn Dodgers were renamed the Brooklyn Tigers and suffered and 0-10 season. They were falling off a cliff. As a desperate maneuver, they merged with the Boston Yanks and were known simply as the Yanks. The season ended with a 3-6-1 record.

Is it AAFC (All-American Football Conference) Time?

The final straw for the team was in December of 1945, Toppings “accepted a deal with the AAFC.” The NFL found out and immediately canceled the franchise. All player's rights then belonged to Boston.

In the AAFC, they planted another team called the Brooklyn Dodgers. Topping bought the New York Yankees. Several Dodgers players were on the team. Both clubs would merge in 1949.

Is Brooklyn a descent of any modern NFL franchise?

Technically yes, although the NFL does not recognize this. First, the Boston

Yanks moved to New York and became the bulldogs in the AAFC. Then, in 1951 the Yanks were back in the NFL.

The NFL immediately sold them to Giles Miller, who moved the team to Dallas and named them the Texans. The Texans served as a traveling team, then folded in 1952. Then, in 1953 a group located in Baltimore was awarded a franchise (that franchise being the remain of the Texans). The team changed its name to the Colts. Finally, in 1984 the Colts relocated to Indianapolis, where the franchise has stayed ever since.

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